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  1. Título:Birdwatching in Málaga. Along the great path.
  2. Autor/es:MUÑOZ GALLEGO, Antonio Román
  3. ISBN:978-84-7785-963-5
  4. Nº Referencia:11570
  5. Año de edición:2015
  6. Páginas:293
  7. Dimensiones:14 x 21 cm.
  8. Precio:15,00 EUR
  9. Contiene:bibliografía, gráficos, fotos, ilustraciones, planos
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  11. Materia/s:Ecología. Medio Ambiente

Birdwatching is an activity which is accessible to anyone and it
can be a very gratifying way of getting closer to nature. The vivid
colours, fascinating behaviour, diversity of life strategies, the
ubiquity (try to imagine a place you can go to and not hear or see some
sort of feathered species), the ability to fly.
It is
namely this ability to fly and to undertake long journeys which, in my
humble opinion, gives birds their most fascinating and seductive
characteristic, their unpredictability. Birds can turn up practically
anywhere, but, will they? Which ones will you see? Will today be the day
or your first Red-rumped Swallow of the year of the first Lesser
Spotted Eagle of your life? For someone intent on enjoying nature,
especially birding, the game never stops.

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